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Searching for a fast way for communication? Use cMailPro Chat! The easiest way to chat freely from each location around the world. And why don’t you try cMailPro calls from your webmail?


Access your emails from each devise and every browser from all around the world! And more – all your tasks, calendars, contacts and files accessible via the cMailPro webmail!


Superfast and reliable email with automatic responders, spam and virus protection, email groups and encryption. Extremely fast speed of the communication via push email. Compatible with all email clients.


Complete security of your online communication via email and connection encryption. The correspondence is stored on secured servers, where you are the only one who have access!


Multiple offices, mobile users, and telecommuters can all be part of the same cloud based PBX system. Save up to 70% on business phone costs. Communicate intensively with your partners and colleagues.

Mobile Sync

In the dynamic everyday life, we struggle to be up to date with all events news, emails and workflow in our office. cMailPro gives you option for full mobility via synchronization of all your devices via ActiveSync protocol.


Secured Archive of all your emails. Organize easily your emails, by storing them in different folders according to your needs. Intelligence, which will help you efficiently to retain, search, and discover information.

File Storage

Have you ever had the case to be on important meeting out of the office and to miss your offer or presentation? cMailPro gives you the option to store all your files in cloud environment, which will be accessible through your cMailPro desktop or mobile application and webmail.


Organize all your daily events, meetings and tasks. CalDav protocol will enable you to sync your calendar on all your mobile devices. And more – shared calendar with your colleagues, friends and business partners.


Manage all your contacts, organize groups, contact lists, access rights! Moreover you will be able to sync the contacts on all the devices you use.

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cMailPro is right into your cPanel!

We know that any business relies on cPanel as a primary web hosting control panel. Now you can manage all your employees email accounts from the same cPanel.