Data encryption

Data Encryption

The main objective of cMailPro is to provide full security and protection of your personal data and communication. The solution ensures two levels of data encryption – between the server and corresponding server of the other party, as well between your device and the server. All emails, chats and correspondence are routed encrypted. Encrypted emails cannot be traced or auditioned. Their content is available only to you and the recipient.

S/MIME certificates


The S/MIME certificates provide exclusive level of security of your information. They authenticate the identity of the real sender of each email and in addition to this they can encrypt the content of the email. This kind of certificates use two types of keys – public and private. When you send an email, the S/MIME certificate encrypts the content of the email and attach to it the public key. The sent email can be decrypted and read only from a person, who has the private key. As a result, even if the letter is intercepted, its contents can not be read by anyone other than the holder of the private key.


CalDav protocol

cMail Pro is using standard protocols to provide the uses full compatibility with all kind of OS, devices, apps and networks. The CalDav protocol in cMailPro is synchronizing your calendar. It is a standard protocol and can be configured on each device or software for online calendars. Through it you can access all the information located on a remote server, for example a schedule of your meetings or events you need to visit. You can make changes on one and the same calendar no matter how many devices you use.

WebDav protocol

WebDav protocol

WebDav protocol is used for the File Storage functionality of cMailPro and provides you with option to manage your files under each OS – Windows, MacOS, Linux, as well through the OS of your smartphone – Android or iOS. The WebDav protocol is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol that facilitates the collaboration between users in editing and managing documents and files stored on World Wide Web servers.Thanks to this protocol several users physically located on different places can work together in a single environment on one and the same documents.



Jabber or XMPP is a standard protocol used for IM and chat. cMailPro guarantees that thanks to this protocol you will be able to communicate intensively in a real time with all your employees, colleagues and business partners, no matter what kind of software they use if it is based on the Jabber Protocol. You can add to the chat even people, who do not use the same server.


File storage on secured European servers

The data security and confidentiality is main priority for each business. When choosing an email solution the users rely that their information will be fully protected and accessible only for them.This is exactly what cMailPro is giving to you! Using cMailPro you know exactly where your information is stored (emails, contacts, files, chats) and have a guarantee that you are the only one who can access them. cMailPro is a solution, which uses highly productive CISCO UCS servers, located in secure data center in Europe. All information on the servers is inaccessible and protected by the legislation of the European Union.

ActiveSync protocol

ActiveSync protocol

The ActiveSync protocol enables you to synchronize your smartphone and mobile device with the server you use. Sync freely all your emails, contacts, calendars, tasks. Thanks to the ActiveSync protocol you can manage from a distance all your mobile devices, connected to your cMailPro – edit their data to remotely wipe the whole device.



Launch quickly fully automated VOIP telephony, which can be customized to match your expectations and needs. And because your PBX will be hosted in the cloud, you no longer have to buy or maintain a physical piece of hardware or hire an IT person to staff it. Just plug your configured phones into the Internet and start answering customers’calls. cMailPro telephony offers:

  • Call management – Caller ID, call transfer, call waiting, call parking;
  • Automated call routing – Extension dialing, hunt groups, automated attendant, company directory, Time of Day Routing;
  • Mobility – Call forwarding, sequential ring, call follow
  • Multiple participants -Three-way calls, conference calls

Advantages of using cMailPro VOIP services:

  • Initial Cost Savings- End of the large initial investments in ordering on-premise phone systems and centrals as well specially trained IT experts. We will maintain your PBX solution.
  • Ongoing Cost Savings- Much more cost-effective solution over the long run.
  • Geographical Flexibility- The virtual phone system can be used from your team all around the world.
  • Local Recognition- You can connect your service to a local virtual number to the locations, which you serve.
  • Build trust in your customers- Professional solution, which will build trust and respect in your customers.
  • Scalability- The typical phone systems have limited number of users and lines, which they can handle. cMailPro PBX will expand and grow with your business.
  • Fast Setup- It’s up and running easy and quickly.
  • User-friendly- Easy to set up and use.