Nowadays businesses of all sizes are seeking ways to become more successful and effective, reduce costs, increase margins and ultimately generating more sales. Effective communications are crucial for the success and growth of your business. Ease, speed, security and reliability of communication are the key points, which cMail Pro provides you.


  • use whichever email client you want and you are used to
  • use your own domain as mail domain name
  • cutting edge technologies used: CSS3 and HTML5 for the webmail
  • encryption of all emails you send for maximum security
  • email archive stored on your own server
  • forwarding, redirection and all the know features you are using every day
  • brandable working environment – put your logo, brand colors and online identity on your webmail
  • mobile access and synchronization
  • large cloud storage accessible via any device or any web browser

The web based email, which cMail Pro provides you, enables you to access your emails from each and every point around the world. Whatever device your are using or from whichever point you access your mail – your home or the hotel`s internet café – all your data is accessible and secured only for you.

Key points to consider


  • ease of access – directly from your browser
  • no additional software needed
  • customizable working space
  • better convenience
  • no configuration needed

Moreover you can make your work easier by using some very useful tools, which we have integrated in the webmail:

  • calendar – to organize and schedule all your meetings and events;
  • chat – to stay in constant contact with your colleagues or business partners;
  • contacts – a full list of all your contacts, so that you can easily find the right person you need.

Using a tool, which is purely meant for internal business communication, has its big advantages. Get a variety of functionalities, userfriendly interface, easy to work application and clear organization in the chat.


  • groups and chat rooms
  • organize contact lists by departments or teams
  • limit the access to certain contacts or groups
  • add to the chat people, which are not located on your server
  • file transfer via the chat system
  • use our application or any compatible chat client
  • a fully encrypted IM for security purpose
  • cMail Pro is using the widest spread chat protocol – Jabber (XMPP), which is de facto standard chat protocol. You can also use the chat via your web mail or any other application or device that supports the same protocol.

Pronto! is an application for Android and iPhone, which includes full featured instant messaging. The application is specifically developed to connect you with your colleagues and partners. The app gives you full control over your files, contacts and is awesome chat client for your mobile phone.

cMail Pro Mobile


As cMail Pro is fully integrated with cPanel, you can manage all your company contacts directly from there!

  • Add/remove or edit any contact
  • Manage different contact lists for each department or employee
  • Add or remove contacts of all your partners and make them available to anyone in the company
  • Hide or show contacts to specific departments to dismiss conflicts e.g. in sales environments.
  • Control all your contacts with a single smart phone application, available for all your employees free of charge
  • With ActiveSync your contacts are always available to you on your mobile phone and are fully synchronized.
  • In addition we provide iPhone application specially built for better contacts management in any enterprises.


  • schedule events and organizing meetings
  • send invitations and track responses
  • individual and shared calendars
  • departmental calendars
  • sync your calendar on all devices you use
  • set reminders and alerts
  • full compatibility with Android, Mac OS, Windows
  • highly configurable and flexible

Store all your important files and share them with your teammates from virtually everywhere. Our solution is based on the widest spread protocol for file storage in the cloud – WebDav. It will enables you to manage your files on each and every OS (Windows, MacOS X, Linux or other OS, which have WebDav integrated clients).

File storage and sharing


  • all information in your emails or chats is transferred encrypted
  • the connection between the server and your device is always encrypted
  • the connection between your server and the correspondent one is also encrypted

cMail Pro provides the highest level of security with its capability to use S/MIME certificates – S/MIME certificate can sign the message itself and the sender, which authenticate the identity of the sender and encrypts the message so that nobody can see it without this certificate.

Stay connected and up to date on all your devices! cMail Pro mobile synchronization will help you to track everything each single second. Moreover:

  • push notifications
  • single sign on enabled – your email is your ID and you can authenticate with it for the email, chat, calendar, file sharing and many others
  • configuration via SMS
  • remote wipe on your request

cMail Pro mobile synchronization

cMailPro is right into your cPanel! We know that any business relies on cPanel as a primary web hosting control panel. Now you can manage all your employees’ email accounts from the same cPanel. If you are using it through cPanel, you will have the easiest way to configure and manage the cMail Pro email functionality. What you can do:

  • create new accounts or delete existing ones
  • edit accounts
  • set mail groups
  • import or export contacts
  • set auto responders
  • remote wipe on request

cPanel – Unified Communications Solution

Have you ever wondered if you are the only person reading your email? Even if you have set the most secured password on your email, the fact that your communication and files are located on external server somewhere in USA is slightly worrying, especially with the latest news for NSA. cMailPro is a solution, which provides highest level of security. We highly value your privacy and secure complete confidentiality for your business and private communication.


The security is ensured by:

  • Secured and powerful CISCO UCS servers colocated in Europe
  • Encryption of sensitive data
  • Encryption of the whole email communication
  • S/MIME certificates to sign your emails and authenticate your identity

The main idea we implemeted when devloping cMailPro is to ensure maximum security for you and to diferentiate the product from other similar solutions by assuring you in its privacy, high quality and security. For this reason all the information which passes through cMailPro is encrypted.

cMailPro – s/mime

As additional advantage we provide you with S/MIME certificates. They will give you high level of security and information protection, as well the following security services for electronic messaging applications – email authentication, message integrity, non-repudiation of origin (using digital signatures), encryption of information. This kind of certificates authenticate the real sender of each email. Moreover with them you can encrypt the actual content of the email you send, so that only the receiver can read it.

All in one – cMail Pro

Many companies worldwide experience a lot of difficulties and time loss in their daily communication, because they use different programs and apps for email, chat, file storage, file sharing, internal collaboration, telephony, calls via browser, etc. Statistics shows that the implementation of Unified Communications Solution will save up to 40% of the time of your staff, will increase their work efficiency and meliorate the collaboration. cMailPro is an all-in-one Unified Communications Solution combining in itself email, webmail, chat, tasks and notes, calendar, file sharing, file storage in the cloud, telephony, video meetings, calls from browser, mobile synchronization etc.

You can use cMailPro and all its amazing functions from each device and every location all around the world via:

  • Webmail
  • cMailPro desktop app – Pronto!
  • cMailPro mobile app – Pronto!

You are a frequent traveller or have a lot of business meetings and are constantly out of the office? This deffinitely means that you need to have access to your email from mutiple devices and be constantly up to date with your communication and what happens in the office.


cMailPro is using ActiveSync protocol to sync your smartphone ot mobile device with the server. Thanks to it you can manage remotely all your mobile devices. For your calendar we use CalDAV protocol, through which you can access information stored on remote server, such as your schedule, meetings, events you need to attend. You can create, edit or delete events in one and the same calendar, no matter how much devices you use.

Whats the most important thing your business needs to ensure, when choosing a Unified Communications Solution? Probably the answer is “It needs to work smoothly and to be easy to use.”. This is what we were also thinking when we decided to integrate cMailPro right into cPanel. As you probably know cPanel is the most widely spread control panel for managing webhosting accounts. This makes it familiar to the biggest part of users. Using its easy understandable design and organization, we provide you with a smart solution to manage your emails and general communication.

Create, configure and manage email accounts in just 2 clicks!

cMailPro provides you also with a VOIP and PBX service. When bundled with other communications tools like email and instant messaging, hosted PBX creates genuine stickiness. And because your PBX is hosted in the cloud, you no longer have to buy or maintain a physical piece of hardware or hire an IT person to staff it. Just plug your configured phones into the Internet and start answering customers’calls. Caller ID, call transfer, call waiting, callparking, voicemail solutions, automated call routing, extension dialing and much more – only via cMailPro!


cMailPro GMail Office365
Mailbox size 50 GB 30 GB 25 GB
Attached files size up to 2 GB up to 25 MB up to 25 MB
Mail Archive Yes Configurable Configurable
Chat Yes Google Hangouts No
VoIP Yes Google Hangouts No
PBX Yes No No
iOS/Android Yes Only for mail and drive No
Privacy Extremely High via secured servers located in European data center USA Servers not under your control Servers not under your control
Scalability Unlimited Paid Paid
MAPI Yes No Yes
Support 24/7 support No No